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Go Live : Welcome to the Simulation Innovation Forum 2021

  • Johan Kölfors (Director BA Simulation Nordics, Benelux & Poland, TECHNIA)
  • Magnus Falkman (Chief Executive Officer, TECHNIA)
Morning Workshops

Live Demo and Workshop

Modeling & Simulation Demo

MODSIM - Save Time and Cost on Product Revision with Simulation-Driven Design
Live now

Speaker(s): Jake Taylor (TECHNIA Design UK) Graeme Short, PhD (TECHNIA Simulation UK) Auday Al-Rawe, PhD (TECHNIA Simulation UK) Matthew Toon (TECHNIA Simulation UK)

Advanced Simulation Workshop

Contact in Abaqus: Terrific and Challenging
Live now

Speaker(s): Christine Obbink-Huizer, PhD (TECHNIA Simulation BeNeLux)

Afternoon Presentations
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Dassault Systèmes Simulation Vision and Roadmap

  • Jean-Paul Roux (Worldwide VP Sales SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes)
  • Mike Hurst (Managing Director, TECHNIA UK)
Afternoon Parallel Tracks

Advanced Simulation

Including Composite Draping in Abaqus Simulations
Live now

Speaker(s): Alex Morley (TECHNIA Simulation UK)

Examples of Optimization with Tosca
Live now

Speaker(s): Krzysztof Szajek, PhD (TECHNIA Simulation Poland | BudSoft)

Dental Implant Fatigue - Numerical and Experimental Study
Live now

Speaker(s): Marcin Wierszycki, PhD (TECHNIA Simulation Poland | BudSoft)

Influence of Manufacturing Processes on Ceramic TRISO Fuel Stress
Live now

Speaker(s): Ben Webster (Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation UK Limited)

Modeling Ultrasonic Inspection with Abaqus
Live now

Speaker(s): Ruth Sanderson, PhD (Full Matrix)

Simulations for Degradations in Oil Canvas Paintings
Live now

Speaker(s): Daniel Sang-Hoon Lee, PhD (School of Architecture, Royal Danish Academy)

Non-Linear Analysis in Abaqus: When and Why?
Live now

Speaker(s): Andrew Buckley (ABS Consulting)

New Technologies

New Capabilities through Cloud Computing with 3DEXPERIENCE
Live now

Speaker(s): Peter Straetemans (TECHNIA Simulation DACH)

New SIM Unit Credits Licensing Explained
Live now

Speaker(s): Matthew Toon (TECHNIA Simulation UK) Bill Brothers (Dassault Systèmes)

Optimize Design Process for Sustainability with Generative Design
Live now

Speaker(s): Zhenhua Dai, PhD (TECHNIA Simulation DACH)

Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis Using Abaqus and XFlow
Live now

Speaker(s): Slawomir Polanski (TECHNIA Simulation UK)

Improving Aviation Safety with Clouds
Live now

Speaker(s): Bill Austen (Qinetiq)

A Model-Based Approach on Improving Pellet Operations
Live now

Speaker(s): Tomas Eriksson (Optimation )

Electromagnetic Simulation

The Electromagnetic World & the CST Studio Suite
Live now

Speaker(s): Thomas Gisslén (TECHNIA Simulation Nordics)

Antenna Design
Live now

Speaker(s): Dr. Tilmann Wittig (Dassault Systèmes)

Overview of EMC Simulation in CST Studio Suite
Live now

Speaker(s): Yingjie You, PhD (Dassault Systèmes)

MmWave Radar Antenna Simulations
Live now

Speaker(s): Ehsan Foroozanfard, PhD (Acconeer)

Introduction to Low Frequency Applications with Opera. Electrical Machines, Magnets and Actuators.
Live now

Speaker(s): Dan Ilea, PhD (Dassault Systèmes)

What is the Simulation Innovation Forum?

Join our world-leading simulation experts and the simulation community online

Following the successful 2020 Forum, the Simulation Innovation Forum (SIMIF) of 2021 brings together simulation experts, engineers, manufacturers, and executives to explore the power of simulation in driving sustainable product innovation.

Topics will include Advanced Simulation, New Technologies and Electromagnetic Simulation. Find the inspiration to transform your product creation. Hear from simulation customers and partners as they talk us through their simulation-driven journeys. Tutorials, demos, keynote presentations, and customer stories fill the day with must see content!

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Who should attend?

The Simulation Innovation Forum welcomes all business functions with an interest in simulation’s varied applications and benefits.